Internet advertising for Spanish property.  Spanish property Advertising.



Advertising for Spanish property

Internet Advertising for Spanish Property

Renting out your Spanish holiday property is a business, and as with any business it must be marketed successfully to guarantee a healthy return on your investment. It can be enormously rewarding financially, but also extremely hard work and the advertising of your Spanish property must be strategically placed so it stands out amongst the thousands of others.

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You may own the most luxurious Spanish holiday property on the planet, but without the right approach to advertising and marketing that Spanish property, you simply will not get the bookings you require. Good marketing skills are the doorway to success in any business, and in the Spanish property rental business there is tough competition so it is essential that you get it right.

Marketing is a specialised field - not everyone has the attributes required. You will need:

  • The ability to persuade people to buy your services/products.
  • The imagination to find those people

People buy people before they buy products or services. If you can get a potential customer feeling good about you - you've cracked it. The holiday business gives you the opportunity to become involved with people from all over the world, exchanging telephone calls and emails, so definitely falls within the 'people' business category.

Spanish Property Advertising Methods
There are several different methods of advertising - newspapers, magazines or brochures for example. However the cost of a reasonably sized advertisement with photographs of your property is way beyond the budget of most holiday home owners. Even if cost was not a major consideration, would these methods reach your target audience successfully anyway?

A box ad in the Spanish property section of a daily newspaper would cost in the region of £200 for a one-day appearance! That same ad with colour photographs of your home would cost nearer £20,000!! By using newspapers and glossy magazines for your Spanish property advertising, you are ignoring a much wider, highly targeted audience such as you will find with internet advertising. Effective advertising needs to reach as wide and as targeted an audience as possible.

Internet advertising offers a vast number of opportunities that are unavailable with traditional marketing methods and it's considerably cheaper, especially when you consider what you can get for your money.

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Setting up a web site advertising your Spanish property or paying for a 'brochure' on a top internet holiday site is the ideal advertising medium. The address can be included on all leaflets, flyers or business cards which then gives potential clients the ability to visit your site and get a general ideal of what you are offering. However, setting up your own site does not automatically mean visitors stopping by in their thousands. An un-promoted, or badly promoted website will never be found - internet promotion is big business involving a lot of time and hard work!

People only tend to visit web sites advertising Spanish properties if they're seriously looking for a holiday let - and a good web site will be attracting thousands of these potential clients each week. Beware of holiday sites offering cheap advertising - they may be cheap, but what is the point if they don't bring the results you expect? Good Internet marketing companies actively promote their sites on the major search engines as well as on hundreds of other search engines around the world so you would have an excellent chance of your property being found.

You don't even have to have special knowledge of the internet, as the advertising 'brochure' will be set up for you. You will be asked to provide a description of your property and the surrounding area, its facilities, a rental tariff , some photographs, and contact details. Having an email address is a real bonus as prospective customers can reach you quickly and cheaply from anywhere in the world.

The benefit of Internet advertising for Spanish property, as opposed to a classified ad, is that all the information about the property, plus photographs can be displayed on one page for less than 1 weeks rental income.

Citrus Villa Lettings Management offer internet advertising for Spanish Property with leading internet holiday companies, in addition to a full page ad on our own dedicated property rental sites, as one of our package options. For more details, see our Property Management Services.

Internet Advertising for Spanish Property

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